An icon has past way

I was really chocked today to find out that Alexander McQueen took his life this morning!! It feels so unreal that someone so young, so successfull and loved by so many chose to take his life.. but I guess that we have seen that quite a lot over the past year with young actors and celebreties taking their own lives...

It's so sad - so hard to understand.

Alexander McQueen - you will be missed!

Step into my wardrobe


HM is a very smart company. They have succeded with a budget concept in a world where budget concepts are something that is pretty un-cool and a bit tabu.

Now they have launched a new product on their site and it's called Step into my wardrobe and here you can dress a model with different clothes and get ideas with new outfits to put on. Great for us girls with big wardrobes and nothing to put on...

Whyred on sale

There are still lots of great buys out there. Swedish brand Whyred have at the moment got 70% on their whole aw2009 collection. It's almost to good to be true..

How about these four items: jacket - 1050 SEK (100 euro), dress - 750 SEK (75 euro), shoes - 900 SEK (90 euro) and jeans 450 SEK (about 45 euros)

There is lots to be found out there so keep looking!


A friend of mine told me about this new product called NeuLash. It's suppose to help your eyelashes grow thicker, longer and more healthy - it even works on eyebrows, which is great for a person like me whose eyebrows and lashes over the past years for some reason has gotten really fragile and breaks all the time and falls off really easily..

So here we go - NeuLash

Who’s It For

neuLash is ophthalmologist safety-tested and is ideal for women and men, brittle, weak, thin, or short eyelashes, contact lens wearers, those who have eyelash extensions, or those who have undergone radiation treatment. neuLash can also be used to improve the appearance of sparse, thin eyebrows. Clinical studies have found neuLash to be safe and gentle to eyes, yet extremely powerful in its stimulating and rejuvenating properties.

How To Use

Directions: Apply neuLash to the base of the upper eyelashes using the applicator brush. The eye should be completely clean of any make-up or eye creams. Start from the inner corner of the eye outwards, directly on the base of your eyelashes. neuLash is to be used once daily in the evening before bedtime.

Okay - wish me luck. I'm really excited and pray that I'm one of the 98% of people who have tested the product that it works on.

Sonya Rykiel pour HM

I really LOVE Sonya Rykiel - what a lady. Her first collection for HM with underwear was lovely and I'm really pleased about the items i bought. On February 20th it's time for her second collection for HM.. I haven't seen much yet, but what i have seen - I really love!

Alexander McQueen ss2010 - the future is here

Everybody is talking about the futuristic trend for ss2010. One of the designers who really has taken this to a whole new level is Alexander McQueen. His show with the spring/summer collection for  2010 is breath taking, but  not really wearable BUT it's art and for those of you who want to be inspired by something else - have a look..

Liberty & 10 Corso Como join forces

Liberty of London has joined forces with one of Milan’s chicest designer label destinations, 10 Corso Como, in a high-status, twin-city retail marriage.

10 Corso Como was founded by Carla Sozzani, whose sister, Franca, is the editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue. The two siblings, with their blonde ‘Old Master’ hair and black, avant-garde wardrobes, are fixtures on the Milanese fashion scene.

‘10 Corso Como for Liberty of London’, on sale from mid-February, features both men’s and womenswear and forms part of the brand’s celebration of "Flower Power" throughout 2010.

Detox face mask by Malin + Goetz

Modern apothecary brand Malin + Goetz launched in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood in 2004. Founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz pioneered the range of beauty and skincare products for men and women, with their expertise in the cosmetics and design industries. Cleansers, moisturisers, make-up and hair treatments made from natural ingredients are all included in the range together with beautiful unisex personal fragrances and scented candles.
Haven't tried their products? You should!!
This Detox face mask is amazing. It all turns to a mouse-like formula when you put it on your face and gives it a tingling feeling and afterwards you feel like a new person.

Skin Deep Stockholm

YES! Finally you are mine.. Ok, some of you might think that I have a obsession with Mr Marc, I promise I don't but he is one of may favourites on the block.

In Stockholm there is a lovely shop called Skin Deep on Humlegårdsgatan. Right now they have got 50-70% off and you can find LOVELY things from Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson, See by Chloé, DvF, Theory and many many many more, so enjoy... some goodies from the aw2009 collection is still to be found!

Marc by Marc Jacobs - my best bargain

Many of us get great kicks from doing a great bargain in these times of sales. I've done lots of great buys at this year's sale (most of it in NYC - most of my savings vanished for some odd reason..) BUT this my friends, THIS is my best bargain by far. A cardi from Marc by Marc Jacobs that I found at Bloomingdales for the lovely price of 61 dollars. It was originally 278 dollar.. that's what I call a great buy!

A Single Man

Always when you are in New York - ask yourself what would Carrie Bradshaw do.. Well not exactly, but it's always more fun to do it in style..

One of my favourite things to do when I'm in New York is to go to the movies, but not any movie. It has to be at the theater up by Bergdorf & Goodman called Paris. They always have a fantastic choice of movies, not just the normal Hollywood productions, but the more sophisticated choices. Last time I saw The Reader, this time (last week) it was The Single Man by Tom Ford.

Yes, you are right, THE Tom Ford, the designer. This is his first movie ever and it's good, really good. With actors such as Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode, the movie is wonderful, very emotional and beautiful. It's about love, friendship and a broken heart when loosing someone near.

So a big plus for this movie and keep an eye open for it at a movie theater near you!

White Slab Palace in New York - a Scandinavian with style

White slab palace on Allan/Delancey st

On the corner of Allan St and Delancye St on the East sida of New York lives a quite new Scandinavian to the neighbourhood.

When I'm in New York i always try and find new favourits on the restaurant and bar scene (which isn't very hard in a city like NYC.) Last week I found this lovley place on the east side owned by some Swedes and in a quite odd neighbourhood is a lovley place to bumb into.

Great food (try the good world burger.. it's the shit) and nice service. Just don't forget that cash is king in this joint. No cards accepted, but they do have an atm mashine so don't worry, you won't have to do the dishes if you forget the cash.

Beauty by Kerstin Florian

Another fantastic photographer is Klara G and here is the job she did for us a couple of months ago. If you feel like treating yourself or a loved one with some these products they come from Kerstin Florian.

Photographer Magnus Klackenstam

Okay, I've been away ( a long time) and I don't really know if I'm here to stay, but I just wanted to post some photos from our magazine and amazing photographer Magnus Klackenstam.. enjoy :)

Do I dare to say goodbye??..

I have had this blog for almost 3 years now and it's been my little baby that I have feed with postes and comments over the years. The only thing is that the internet has exploded with blogs and I don't really feel like there is a need for me anymore, I've done my part, I've inspired a few and hopefully written something worth reading every now and again.

But right now, I don't feel inspired or the need to write.. I don't want to give up my baby completely, but I haven't been a good mother to fashionholic the last year and she deserves something better, so for now.. goodbye..

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